Characterization of a Beam Steering Lens Antenna for Industrial Radar Measurements in Harsh Environments

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SiGe based Wideband mm-Wave Imaging Systems for Security and Quality Assurance Applications

2013 - Timo Jaeschke, Christian Bredendiek, Nils Pohl

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A 240 GHz Ultra-Wideband FMCW Radar System with On-Chip Antennas for High Resolution Radar Imaging

2013 - Timo Jaeschke, Christian Bredendiek, Nils Pohl

To appear: Pro­c. 2013 IEEE In­ter­na­tio­nal Micro­wa­ve Sym­po­si­um (IMS), pp. 1-3, June 2-7, 2013, Seattle, Washington, USA

A Fundamental 240 GHz Single-Chip Radar Transceiver in a SiGe Bipolar Technology with On-Chip Antennas and Ultra-Wide Tuning Range

2013 - Christian Bredendiek, Nils Pohl, Timo Jaeschke, Klaus Aufinger, Attila Bilgic

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An SiGe-Chip-based 80 GHz FMCW-Radar System with 25 GHz Bandwidth for High Resolution Imaging

2013 - Nils Pohl, Timo Jaeschke, Michael Vogt

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Preliminary Results of IEGMTriggered Electrical Parasympathetic Neurostimulation in the Human Sinu-Atrial Node

2013 - Antje Pohl, B. Bellmann, C. Hausdorf, P. Schauerte, S. Leonhardt

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