Wireless RF Multi-Chip-Modules for LTCC System-in-Package Solutions: Key Design Considerations

2004 - Ulrich Langmann, Pierre Mayr, S. Mecking

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Multilayer Ceramic Band-Pass-Filters for System-in-Package 5-GHz-WLAN Transeivers

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37th International Symposium on Microelectronics (IMAPS 2004), 14-18 November 2004, Long Beach, FL

Microchanneling Investigation of ?-FeSi2-Structures

2004 - D. Grambole, V. Herrmann, Hans-Ulrich Schreiber †, J. Meijer

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Efficient Hardware Architectures of MIMO Receivers for HSDPA Applications in Frequency Selective Channels: A Comparison

2004 - M. Schämann, W. Wilhelm, D. Bierbaum, Ulrich Langmann

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