Microarray of programmable electrochemically active elements.

John S. McCaskill, Thomas Maeke, Lukas Straczek, Jürgen Oehm, Dominic Funke, Pierre Mayr, Abhishek Sharma, Asbjørn Müller, Uwe Tangen, Norman H. Packard, Steen Rasmussen

Proceedings of the Artificial Life Conference 2016 - Cancun, Mexico. MIT Press. 2016. p. 78-79.


This paper describes possible applications of a two dimensional array of programmable electrochemically active elements to Alife. The array has been developed as part of the MICREAgents project, and after several design phases, is now a mature enough device for general use beyond the project. Here we describe the general properties of the device based on the first two design phases, some of its capabilities, including portable experimentation, and discuss its potential application to ALife and in education.