Radar Distance Measurements in Over-Sized Circular Waveguides

Thomas Musch, Nils Pohl, Michael Gerding, Bianca Will, Josef Hausner, Burkhard Schiek †

36th European Microwave Conference (EUMC 2006), pp. 1036-1039, Manchester, United Kingdom, Sep 10-15, 2006


One of the main tasks of industrial radar systems is the determination of distances to a reflecting object. An important application is the measurement in metal tubes e.g. by means of the FMCW method. A comparison of measurements in metal tubes and in free-space shows that several problems arise due to the non-perfect coupling between the feeding antenna and the metal tube. This contribution describes the problems caused by dispersions and multi-mode propagations, and presents approaches for their solution.

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tags: FMCW method, radar, tubes